[shell]mysql_convert_table_format –help

Conversion of a MySQL tables to other storage engines

Usage: /usr/bin/mysql_convert_table_format database [table[ table …]]
If no tables has been specifed, all tables in the database will be converted.
You can also use wildcards, ie "my%"

The following options are available:

-f, –force
Continue even if there is some error.

-?, –help
Shows this help

-e, –engine=ENGINE
Converts tables to the given storage engine (Default: INNODB)

-h, –host=HOST
Host name where the database server is located. (Default: localhost)

-p, –password=PASSWORD
Password for the current user.

-P, –port=PORT
TCP/IP port to connect to if host is not "localhost".

-S, –socket=SOCKET
Socket to connect with.

-u, –user=USER
User name to log into the SQL server.

-v, –verbose
This is a test specific option that is only used when debugging a test.
Print more information about what is going on.

-V, –version
Shows the version of this program.[/shell]



sudo vim /usr/bin/mysql_convert_table_format

– "e|engine|type=s" => \$opt_type,
+ "e|engine|type=s" => \$opt_engine, // 变量名错误,改$opt_type->$opt_engine


mysql_convert_table_format –host=localhost –user=root –password=oP05_1ep –engine=innodb test